Police Kill A Teen Suspected in PlayStation 3 Theft

What is wrong with this picture?

A teenager accused of robbing a student of two new Playstation 3s on the day the popular game consoles were introduced was shot to death by police sent to arrest him.

Peyton Strickland, 18, was killed Friday at a house he shared with three roommates, New Hanover County Sheriff Sid Causey said.

“If this boy would’ve come to the door, opened the door, we probably wouldn’t be talking,” the sheriff said Sunday.

Roommate Mike Rhoton said Strickland was unarmed, but may have been holding a video game controller when he went to the door as it was bashed in by officers.
Unarmed. Theft of a Playstation 3. Worthy of shooting a teen dead? They also shot his dog who I guess must also have been wielding a game controller.

Perhaps they mistook him for Sean Bell, the young black groom who, as he left a NY "men's" club also unarmed after his bachelor party, was shot dead by five NYPD officers who fired 50 rounds into Bell and two of his friends.