Murdoch Follows Cover of "Iraq Surrender Monkeys" In New York Post With Plea From Dead Soldier's Family: "Don't Quit"

In a followup to my post about Murdoch's referral to the Baker-Hamilton "Iraq Study Group" recommendations making them "Iraq surrender monkeys", the Aussie born millionaire is not done yet.

In fact, it's funny how President Bush's "I'm no quitter" message for today is matched so beautifully by Rupert Murdoch's New York Post whose cover - at least the one shown online - is that of a dead soldier (killed in Iraq) and a plea from his family, "Don't Quit."

Ask who in the Bush family is serving in the military. Ask who among Murdoch's family serves in this war or those among his top investors, top editorial board, etc.

I did a search just now and could not come up with a single one.

Propaganda. Ain't it great?

[BTW, Bush has quit MANY things in his life. The National Guard, for example, well short of meeting his requirements to have his service there keep him from being shipped to Vietnam. He's "quit" boards - usually just before being kicked off them - and companies, just as they went bankrupt under his leadership.]