Don Imus Has His Own Mel Gibson-Michael Richards Meltdown Moment

There was a time when Don Imus was amusing (always more amusing than interesting) for his bad boy routine. Yet, as I've said, even as a fairly young child, I understood that Imus got most of his amusement mileage out of pharmaceuticals of one kind or another and that one day, he would likely pay for the brain cells he was charring. That moment came some time ago, perhaps even before his right hand man, Charles McCord, became a born-again basket case.

With Don Imus so far out on the right wing that one little tilt of his ridiculous cowboy hat would send him crashing down from that branch he's out on, it's probably no surprise to anyone that he's no longer interesting, certainly not amusing, and now, he's just big-mouthed, ugly, self important, and he can't even pretend to hide the considerable venomous hate in his heart.

It's (sadly) also no surprise that Dippy Donny decided to attack the "Jewish management" of CBS radio - which owns his "radio" show on WFAN - as "money-grubbing bastards". ::sigh::

That's the "beauty" of stereotypes, I guess. You don't have to think. You just have to rely on some old, invariably wrong symbolism and hate to beat your point across.