Touching Base on the Bush Administration Wars Scorecard

Let's see, during the Bush Administration, there has been an all-out war on:

  • the truth and those who tell it
  • the U.S. Constitution
  • democracy
  • fair elections
  • religious freedom, including the freedom not to believe in any higher power
    the American worker
  • taxpayers and the Middle Class
  • science
  • public education
  • common sense
  • health care
  • a woman's right to choose
  • attempts to sanction corrupt politicians and no-bid contractors like Bechtel and Halliburton
  • anyone NOT a born-again Christian
  • efforts to curtail the damaging effects of mega corporations that pollute the air, waterways, land
  • free speech in general and any blogger to the left of Ann Coulter specifically
  • American soldiers, their families, and soldier benefits (while we permit dramatic overpayment of independent contractors working in the same kind of jobs in Iraq, Afghanistan, and elsewhere)
Now, this is only a partial list. By the time the Bushies are done, I suspect it will take a library the size of the Library of Congress facility in metro Washington to hold the list of those the Bushies have waged war against.

But feel free to remind me of those I failed to note in the major battles listed above.