BBC: Bush "Confident" Americans Will Reach A "Concensus" That He Will Be Iraq's Savior

From the BBC with my comments below:

US President George W Bush has said he is confident Americans can move beyond political differences and agree a new direction for Iraq leading to victory.

In his weekly radio address, he again praised the report by the Iraq Study Group calling for a change of strategy.

But he made clear he would take no major decisions based upon it alone.
Uh, reality to Mr. Bush: Americans have reached a concensus, one that blows past racial, political, religious, and economic boundaries. The vast majority of Americans believe:
  • You took us into Iraq under false pretenses
  • You and Rumsfeld did such a piss poor job as you took us to Iraq that you turned a "slam dunk", a "cakewalk", a situation where you promised "we'll be in and out in less time than it takes to get a suit dry cleaned" into a nightmare of epic proportions
  • You clearly have no plan for either getting our troops out or for stabilizing Iraq
  • You clearly have no plans to implement all or part of the Iraq Study Group recommendations and we're fairly certain you have not read it (or had Condi read it to you) or have no intention of doing so

So, Mr. Bush, the American people have reached concensus. We are operating in reality - and unfortunately, so too are the Iraqi people - dying in record numbers each and everyday.

What are you, Mr. Bush, going to do?

I believe the American people should impeach you. But, were you an honorable man, you would resign.

Thankfully, we operate under no illusion that you are an honorable man. You should not harbor that delusion either.