Bah Humbug on Winter

I just got back from a harrowing trip down to pick up Ben (my handsome, charismatic Plott hound-golden retriever mix who has me totally pussy puppy whipped) from his Thursday playgroup.

For hours now, it's been raining, then sleeting, and then snowing. Of course, by the time I got behind the wheel of my 4-wheel drive, there were white-out conditions and at 4 PM, no light whatsoever left in the skies. Then I got to crawl, limp, skate, slide, and evasively manuever my way down Bliss Road (man, is that road poorly named) toward even more tertiary roads leading to East Calais (which only in Vermont is pronounced, "callous"), around drivers with no four wheel drive who also could not see where they were going and those with four wheel drive who think it's like permission to go 50 on one lane back roads that sometimes do not see a plow or sander for days.

For the 4-wheel drivers mentioned above, here's a piece of advice: four wheel drive does NOT make up for both too much testosterone and an IQ hovering around the 11 points President Bush boasts.