Rumors Of My Desperate Escape to Canada Are Wildly Exaggerated

Actually, the idea that I would do something so dramatic has a certain appeal. Sadly, however, such is not the case.

After three weeks of off-again/on-again phone and Internet service, everything went dead late Monday. Each day, Verizon promised it would be fixed by 9 PM that very night. Each night, of course, this did not happen. Only slowly did it occur to Verizon that the "major cable" damage they fixed Tuesday night was only the start of the problems here.

To make lovely matters even more perfect, something "blew" in the neighborhood early this morning, which also removed the only working utility: electricity.

Now, thanks to a dutiful and very thorough Verizon technician who would not stop until he uncovered the source of the failed service (I wish I had gotten his name as I thanked him, but I called Verizon and asked them to pull the tech's name and place a "customer commendation" in his file), phone service with Internet service is back and the power is restored (although the serious snow and ice we're getting now may make that a temporary phenomenon).

I'll post a little before I have to do the 4-wheel-drive through rising snow drifts thing in a short while. Later tonight, I hope to catch up.

If you were expecting email and you have not gotten it, be aware I've got a slew of it sitting in my Outbox. But I have to download a new version of the mail software because Outlook Express corrupted on Monday (oh joy, oh bliss).