A Dear John Letter We Like: Bolton Resigns From Post As U.N. Ambassador He Never Should Have Held

So John Bolton is resigning to "spend more time with [his] family"? Great news for the rest of the world, although I feel sorry for his family.

When Bush appointed John Bolton as U.N. ambassador, it was against pretty much global protest. Bolton, with a long history the rump-kissing those more powerful than him while stomping on lesser beings (yeah, sounds like someone George Bush could feel a kinship with), was considered the absolute wrong choice for the job by everyone except Bushies who are ever eager to rub everyone else's nose in their own dirty, shit-stained diapers. While Great Britain was about the only country to support Bush's decision, even those loyal to Tony Blair the Bush lap dog cried foul soon thereafter. I believe it was no less than Jack Straw - who formerly welcomed Bolton into the job - who declared Revoltin' Bolton a very bad choice just a weeks after his appointment.

And there's the rub (in more ways than one). Even with the GOP running everything (into the ground) in Washington and elsewhere, Bush couldn't get them to give Bolton a clear appointment. So Bush waited until his Republican zombies were on vacation in August 2005 to give Bolton a recess appointment. He's pulled a lot of this crap. Didn't matter to Bush that Bolton has no more diplomatic skills than he himself does or that Bolton was yet another "great Christian family values" type who apparently loved cheating on his wife and visiting some of New York's kinkier sex clubs. This seems to be a trait of all these great family men, from Newt Gingrich to Gingrich's interim replacement as Speaker of the House who turned out to have about 26 mistresses while he pushed for Bill Clinton's impeachment for fellatio with a consulting adult.

Then, before the mid-term elections back on November 7th, Bush decided to trot Bolton back out to get him that GOP-weighed appointment since Bush's "kiss of the mafia don" would only give ol Revoltin' the ambassador's post until January. Even then, few wanted anything to do with Bolton. And when the GOP-rigged voting machines failed to fake the vote they wanted, Bush decided to keep backing Bolton. For reasons that escape me, Democrats now in the majority said they probably would not bend over backwards to force him out (nor would they willingly bend forward since Bolton has a reputation for jumping anything in front of him).

Good riddance to very stinky, very obstructionist, very combative garbage.