Rupert Murdock, The New York Post, And The War Mongerers Eating The War Mongerers

[Ed. update: Murdoch's Post mocks those readers who were horrified by or found absurd the "Iraq Surrender Monkeys cover by labeling the letters from them, "Going Bananas Over 'Surrender Monkeys.'"]

As you no doubt heard, after the Iraqi Study Group (ISG or a/k/a the Baker-Hamilton commission) released its findings, those who profit so lucratively from the Bush war machine could not contain their anger. One of those was Rupert Murdoch and his henchmen (and most of Murdoch's top assassins are men, at least fitting the general definition even if their balls have been surgically removed).

The New York Post, owned by Murdoch, rushed out its front page where photos of two monkeys had been modified so that Baker's head appeared on one and Hamilton's on the other, with the banner headline, "Surrender Monkeys."


But Rupert Murdoch is our William Randolph Hearst of today. He'll do anything to perpetuate wars and hate because it's great for circulation. Just as Hearst manufactured a war to boost circulation, Murdoch and many like him helped George Bush and Dick Cheney manufacture reasons to go into Afghanistan and Iraq - and now Iran and elsewhere.

Let me suggest, however, that anything that is bad for Mr. Murdoch's circulation - or the audience numbers at Fox News - is probably good for both this country and the world.