So Ultra Conservative Jews AND Parts of Africa Are Decades Ahead of American Policy on Gays

Even while the right wing talking heads politely ignore the news that Mary Cheney, the "celebrated" openly gay daughter of VP Dick Cheney (who is also rumored to be the leading contender to take over leadership of hell when Satan succumbs), is pregnant with the third child for her and her lesbian partner, comes some news I think is quite shameful.

Oh, it's not shameful at all that rather ultra conservative Jews and many parts of South Africa now accept gay couples and civil unions and such (and that conservative Jews are now quite willing to allow gay rabbis).

No, it's shameful that the so-called leaders of the United States of America, a country that got its start (after being stolen from Native Americans) as a new land free of the religious and social intolerance of Mother England, gags at the very notion that at least 10% of its citizens are NOT heterosexuals, let alone that homosexuals would like to live together in a legally sanctioned monogamous relationship.