The Princess Diana Story That Never Goes Away

While I can appreciate a desire to, for once and for all, try to come up with the "final" answer on what happened in the accident that caused Princess Diana's death nearly a decade ago, we never seem to reach that final answer. Instead, ugly facts just keep being regurgitated up so a public starved for royal rubbish can feed like sharks on the vomit.

It's hard to see what is either new or news here that the driver of the car was drunk. Those charges have been around since the time of the accident.

With Darfur, with Iraq, with the widespread starvation in North Korea, with the Christmas tsunami in Indonesia nearly two years ago and the closer-to-home continued devastation of New Orleans and other areas, it seems there are no shortage of tragic and important stories. Unless there was a true "royal" plot to off Diana - which does not at all seem the case - can't we simply bury the Diana stories for once for for all?