You Can Stop Crying and Begging For Relief Now...

Errr.... not from the Bushies, sorry.

No, I'm done posting for today. I think. [Oops, one more: Check out "Flirting with Fascism" at Crooks and Liars. Also, Glenn Beck sucks: pass it on. tyvm]

I need to go get a few things done before "Dexter" starts (I've returned to watching the Showtime series realizing that as bad as Dexter is, the worst and most perverse serial killer is probably taking another nap at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue) and my partner returns from looking at naked women (it's OK, it's a "life drawing" class which legitimizes staring at nudes - and no, he didn't tell me that; I figured it out all by myself).

Anyone want a Canada mint?

(Oh, and say hello to Worldwide Sawdust.)