Laura Bush: Condi Rice Can't Be President Because

[Ed. note: I would say one very compelling reason Condi can't be president is that she has fucked up everything she has ever done excellent her unconditional love and fandom for George W. Bush. And sorry, but just being willing to lie for her man doesn't make her a suitable presidential candidate.]

Oh, there isn't just one reason Laura Bush - who once insisted Condikins would have her complete support should she run for American president - says the former NSA director and current Secretary of State and principle Bush Cheerleader can't/won't run for president. Neither, says Mrs. Bush (whose own daughters should be reason for her to hang her head in shame and shut up), however, are that she's a woman and African-American. (ooooh, what a relief!)

No, she says Condi won't run because she's not married, her parents are dead, and she's an only child (I suspect Condi may have killed off any siblings with the mean faces she makes). Laura spared us widespread belief Condoleeza is gay (but not very merry, except when shopping!) or speculation why, only since some began discussing her as a possible presidential candidate, did Condi suddenly occasionally walk around with a man other than her self-described husband, Mr. Bush, with whom she spends almost every holiday and weekend.