Essential Glenn Greenwald: On The Iraq Study Group Report, Mark Foley and Rahm Emanuel, and How (Oh No) The Neocons Remain in Control

Glenn Greenwald heartily deserves his reputation as one of the headiest and most informative bloggers out there. While rarely a quick read, one really has to work at leaving his Unclaimed Territory without learning much (although I'm sure Mr. Bush could do it without breaking a sweat).

I recommend:

- "The Principal Sin of the Baker-Hamilton Report" (such as that it pretends Americans aren't sick and tired of this war and want out now)
- "Did Rahm Emanuel Lie About His Knowledge of Mark Foley? Yes."
- "The Neoconservatives" Remain in Control (from Glenn:The neoconservatives are being revealed as the ugly, crazed extremists that they are. But they still remain more or less firmly in control in the form of George Bush, Dick Cheney and company. And that control has not been loosened any by the Baker-Hamilton Report. If anything, the opposite has occurred.)