Bushies Replace "Stay The Course" Motto With More Happy Pappy Crap: "New Way Forward"

There are days I wish that everyone involved in this administration would be forced, after indictment and being found guilty of crimes against everything, to spend the remainder of their days:

  • in an Abu Ghraib prison run by the Iraqis they have so gravely harmed
  • fed ONLY the same kind of food and "health care" (in other words, garbage) we paid Halliburton so handsomely to provide for our soldiers
  • made to listen 24 hours a day (Rumsfeld kept telling us PsyOps is NOT torture) to recordings of their own happy pappy crappy claptrap)

Here's an example, with Arianna Huffington blogging about the Bushies' change in slogan from "stay the course" to "new way forward":

Not surprisingly, the Bush administration is already backing away from most of the 79 proposals put forth by the Iraq Study Group. But while Bush isn't ready to follow the group's recommendations, he's ready to adopt its slogan, "New Way Forward." The president may not be into things like facts, truth, or reality, but he loves a good slogan. Of course, that's been the problem during this entire fiasco -- the substitution of rhetoric for policy -- the belief, even at this late date, that reality can be changed simply by changing the language used to describe it. Bush makes a big show of his religious faith, but what's truly impressive is his incredible faith in the power of PR, and, accordingly, his lack of faith in the American people.