"How Long Will The Right Let Us Love Obama?"

Dave Johnson offers a thoughtful post from an article he co-wrote with James Boyce which first appeared on The Huffington Post in which he poses several questions, among them where are the other Democrats besides Barack Obama we should see as possible 2008 Dem presidential contenders and how (the bleep!) did Rudy Giuliani rise to the top as the most liked politician?

That last part I find pretty frightening. Aside from hyperbole, aside from "sentiment" pounded home as we kept hearing him called America's mayor, Rudy is a most difficult man who has made some highly questionable decisions, and who has sold his soul for the billions he's made with his Giuliani & Associates "homeland security" consultancy which also have not made U.S. citizens any safer whatsoever.

In fact, a LOT of people join me in stating that Rudy's one redeeming quality in the past was that he was happy to go against "authority", especially the rest of the Republican party, if he didn't like what they were saying or doing. Now, however, Rudy can justify anything: torture, lying into war, insisting Iran rates attack when the evidence is no more there for Iran than it was for Iraq, that it was OK to push Bernie Kerik to replace Department of Homeland (In)Security secretary Tom Ridge even though Rudy knew the former NYPD chief had a LOT of dirt under his rug.