And Great Britain Shall Lead: They Ax Slogan "War on Terror"

For whatever reason England did it - with the stated reason to avoid going head to head anymore with Islam - the decision to drop (as in cease using) the Bush-touted slogan of "War on Terror" is a smart one as well as one long overdue.

The problem with the slogan is multi-faceted, with one being that it's just a slogan, a "catchy" title to describe whoever and whatever the Bushies want to label the bad guys (and man have they ever used and abused it). Another is that we in the U.S. seem incapable of distinguishing between a metaphorical war on terrorism and the real deal.

But the biggest issues are:

a) there is no known way to end terrorism and certainly not when what the Bushies have done is create their own global terrorism network to do battle against other terrorists
b) following up on a), we have created new terrorism - both our own version and in making new enemies who then join the "terrorism" against us
c) the only ones seeming to benefit from the "war on terror" are military industrial complex types including those contract corps like Bechtel, Halliburton, Blackwater, et al as well as politicians like Bush and radical fundamentalist cause recruiters
d) our efforts have made the world an increasingly dangerous place rather than a safer one
e) there is no end in sight; never will be because there is no way to succeed

And these points just scratch the surface of what is wrong. However, we as Americans must realize and then seek redress for the fact that we were sold a bill of goods that would make us adopt the neoconservatives' view of the world. Along with that, more Americans might begin to wonder why it was that in the year 2000, the neocons "wished" for a new "Pearl Harbor" so they could fight the global battle they wanted and then, "poof" - 9/11 happened.

Great good fortune for the neocons? Or something they helped engineer, directly or indirectly?