"Park" Cheney In the Region? Well, Dick Does Look A Bit Like A Humvee

Shaking head, muttering as I read this at Think Progress:

One of the key recommendations of the Iraq Study Group was direct, unconditional engagement with Iran and Syria. It was quickly rejected by the Bush administration.

This morning on Fox News Sunday, Sen. Sam Brownback — one of the most conservative members of the Senate — embraced the recommendation, but with an unusual twist. Brownback said that the administration should “park” Vice President Cheney in the region, leading the diplomatic effort.

Of course, Cheney has been one of the primary forces within the administration resisting direct engagement with Iran and Syria.
Brownback is notable for one thing and one thing only (besides how easy it is to accidentally write his name as "Brown nose" rather than ...): he can make Orrin Hatch look smart (only by comparison).