Bush: "History Will Prove Me Right But..."

Keith Olbermann tonight repeated a statement by "President" George W. Bush which, if I recall correctly from hearing it somewhere else, is supposedly something NumbNuts Dubya said while talking to close White House confidantes about the Iraq Study Group/Baker-Hamilton Commission.

I have to paraphrase since I wasn't close to pen and paper when I heard it, but here goes:

    [About Iraq,] history is going to prove me right [on why I went there and how I handled it]. But at this rate, I'm gonna be dead before they [the critics] admit they were wrong.

Gee, George, I know exactly how you feel. I'm also quite sure that history will prove that my misgivings before you got into office and my criticisms once you got there are correct. And - just like you - I'm pretty sure I'll be dead before you ever admit you were wrong-wrong-wrong. Actually, the world will end without you ever admitting your culpability in anything.