While Tony Snow (Much Belatedly) Apologizes To NBC's David Gregory, Helen Thomas Declares Snow "Lousy"

Amen, Helen. Amen.

Brought to us by Daedalus at Blah3:

Tony Snow attempted yesterday to resemble a human being when he apologized to David Gregory for calling his line of questioning earlier in the week "partisan." Then Snow moved right along to impugn the morality and patriotism of an 86 year old woman:
    Helen Thomas: How many people do we have that we have accused and held in confinement in limbo for four years without any trial without any trial, without any charge?

    Tony Snow: We have provided for the civil rights [....] What we are doing is that we have passed a law with regard to the Hamdan legislation that guarantees the civil rights of people who have been pulled off battlefields. We have a reasonable suspicion they're trying to kill --

    Thomas: Four years without a charge or a trial --

    Snow: Who we have reasonable suspicion to believe have been trying to kill Americans. And I don't know about you, but I think that's a bad thing. And I think you do, too.

    Thomas: That's a lousy way to twist it.
Yeah, Helen, that is lousy, but that's the only game these creeps got. You ain't with them, so Tony's going to talk out of both sides of his mouth and suggest you...jest...mah't...be...a terraist-sympathizer! Aw, but not really!

"Lousy" shows you've got more class than he does.
It amazes how challenged this "bull and bravado" White House feels by Helen Thomas. They have been fighting with her, trying to negate her, impugning her whenever they aren't pretending she doesn't exist since Day #1.

As for giving Snow credit for "apologizing" to Gregory, quite a bit too little quite a bit too late. After Snow went after Gregory for simply doing his job (something too few of the press corp does these days, especially around the White House beat), he waited a full week and after the far right Bush goon squad did everything from recommend NBC fire Gregory with shameful words to take away NBC's "charter" as a news organization, to suggest Gregory is a terrorist.