Bush Just Can't Bring Himself To Call a Lesbian, Even A Cheney Lesbian, A Good Mother

From Shakespeare's Sister and it's just plain sad (although frankly, if I were a Cheney, I would not want to continue the gene pool regardless):

"I think Mary is going to be a loving soul to her child" — Bush, in an interview with People magazine.

She'll also be a splendid personality, a warm heart, a clever brain, a big grin, able hands, swift feet, sparkling teeth, and well-functioning kidneys. And probably other positive adjectives followed by other abstract or concrete parts of oneself.

Eventually he had to come closer to the obvious phrase he was avoiding: "Mary Cheney is going to make a fine mom and she’s going to love this child a lot."

Close, but no cigar. He couldn't quite bring himself to just spit out what any normal person would say in this situation: "They are going to be great parents." Even though he knows the child will be loved, and even though he knows the child will clearly be well provided for, and even though he knows the child will have two parents who really wanted her/him and a supportive extended family, he can't say it. No matter whether he believes it or not. His base doesn't—and so all he can utter is stilted, awkward phrases, meant to simultaneously approximate warmth for the people he knows and contempt for their choices and lives, which he is meant to despise.
God knows George and Laura Bushes' daughters (the Terrible Twins, chubby Jenna and the even stranger Barbara, spending the family fortune on booze and drugs illegal and likely to land anyone else behind bars) are really something to be proud of. Burp.