Is The Kool-Aid Sugar BushRush Dissipating? Hopefully

Nestled into Steve Benen's Friday Mini-notes at The Carpetbagger Report were some I found both wonderful and ridiculous:

* The definition of irony: “Border Fence Firm Snared for Hiring Illegal Workers.” Classic.
* At Donald Rumsfeld’s going-away ceremony today, Dick Cheney described Rumsfeld as the “toughest boss I ever had, the most demanding, the most commanding.” Given that the VP works for the president, isn’t Cheney supposed to describe Bush this way?
* Two in three Americans want diplomatic ties with Cuba. Is it me or is that surprisingly high? Especially after 40 years of the opposite policy? On a related note, two in three Americans may just get their wish. (thanks to E.T. for the tip) [Wonderful. Truly.]
* Tom DeLay believes conservatives don’t go to Congress to “pass laws.” No wonder he was so impressed with the 109th Congress.
* Stat of the day: More Americans express doubts about a candidate who served in Bush’s cabinet (59%) than one who is gay or lesbian (53%). [As well they should!]