With George Bush, The Wars - Like His Vacation and Nap Time - Never End

According to Think Progress, CNN's John King said that President Bush is seriously considering sending more American troops into Iraq, and soon. While King, I believe, noted that this seems to follow Senator John McCain's idea, it's a) unbelievable that Bush would do anything McCain suggests and b) Bush and Rumsfeld supposedly ordered a few months ago up to 57,000 additional troops to prepare to deploy soon after the new year.

Now, considering there are between 124K-155K U.S. soldiers there now (and the Pentagon is still holding people there who were supposed to go home long ago), another 57K would be a serious jump. However, the augmented number would still fall spectacularly short of the 400K war planners estimated would be needed going into Iraq just to try to gain control of the country. That ship has long since sailed.