The Washington Post Shoots Itself In Its Conservative Media Bias

[Followup: Apparently WaPo is having a banner week. As Glenn Greenwald points out, The Post all but awarded the late dictator and war criminal Augusto Pinochet of Chile in its obit this week. Should we expect a glowing tribute to Iran's "The Holocaust Is A Myth" conference?]

Color me flabberghasted. [Ed. note: We aren't sure exactly what color flabberghasted would be in the official Crayola color chart. Somewhere between apoplexy red-purple and fluorescent vomit green, perhaps?]

Reported at TalkLeft:

John Solomon, the AP reporter whose jihad agaist Harry Reid has proven to be a deep embarrassment for the AP, falls up:
    GOP oppo research push-over John Solomon headed from the AP to Washington Post?!?! Apparently they're going to set him up with his own investigative unit. Presumably in addition to the one he has at the RNC.
What a self indictment by the Washington Post.