Wow... The FCC Will Be Peeing Its Pants

Between the "fucker" that got let out last week on Saturday Night Live and the rampant use of uh... not nice words I just heard on the radio (I won't list them all, but trust me when I say that "motherfucker" was the most polite), I'm thinking Safe Harbor doesn't apply on weekends?

And why should it?

I also think it's the height of irony that network TV can show what it does these days, but "shit" is a word about which we go nuts while the media eats itself over Janet Jackson's boob.

But what the fuck do I know? Anything Bush says is more vile, more graphic, more murderous than anything I've heard in hiphop (not that I'm a regular listener but there's an amazing amount of intelligent political and social commentary in hiphop/rap).