Michael Richards' Hecklers Want To Collect Money For "Upset"

OK, this is getting a little over the top. I understand people being upset over Michael Richards' awful racist meltdown at LA's Laugh Factory last Friday. No question there.

But now the two fellows who were "ejected" for heckling Richards which, at least according to news reports, was what touched off the real meltdown by the comedian on-stage, have hired Gloria Allred (who never misses a chance to mouth off on camera anywhere) to try to get them what they deem should be a substantial cash settlement.

Was what Richards said reprehensible? Sure.

But they expressed themselves that night by interrupting Richards' un-funny schtick. If Richards should have to pay them, wouldn't they first have to pay Richards and/or the other audience members whose "enjoyment" of the act was curtailed by the heckle that touched off the vitriolic nastiness by Richards?

I mean, this is a little ridiculous. Few of us get through life - hell, sometimes hardly through a month - when someone, somewhere doesn't say something very unpleasant to us. For example, I've never felt obligated to sue the people who send me very nasty email because they don't like my posts on my blog.

When these two men were interviewed on TV once the potential suit was announced, they hardly made a convincing case for themselves. Rather, they just came off as their lawsuit (not to mention, their choice of attorney) would seem: like opportunists.