Was It Right For UCLA Cops To Taser Someone Non-Violent? Apparently Yes

I might not like it. And you (hopefully) do not like it. But after last week's debacle of several UCLA cops using a taser multiple times against an Iranian UCLA student who was extremely passive and simply could not produce his ID is perfectly swell with UCLA.

AmericaBlog has the rules for taser use at UCLA and it includes their use on passive demonstrators. Yet I don't think the student was involved in a demonstration. He was trying to do schoolwork.. in a frickin' library to which he'd paid a pricy tuition.

Writes AmericaBlog:

Someone needs to be fired at UCLA, and it needs to be very high up in the police department and the university. UCLA has a written policy authorizing the use of a 50,000 volt taser against students who are offering passive resistance. That means, sitting down and not moving as a form of protest can get you tasered repeatedly. It also means the cops who repeatedly tasered a student who refused to show them an ID may have actually been following official campus policy. It is UCLA campus policy to taser students who offer passive resistance. This is sickening.

Someone very high up at UCLA needs to lose their job, now.
Actually, I not only think it's appropriate for at least someone to lose their job, I think every damned person who signed off on this frickin' policy ought to be subjected to multiple taser hits so they understand what it is they approved.