The Blogger Vs. Journalist Debate

The debate over whether a blogger can be considered a journalist - and sometimes, a question of whether the reverse can be possible as well - is becoming a time-honored as PC vs. Mac, Dem vs. GOP.

As a card-carrying journalist who blogs - but does not use her blog as a journalistic publication but as more frequently a comment on the media that does "report", I was particularly interested in this debate by "Vermonter" at What's The Point (another intelligent Vermont blog). Jon Odum, as some of you know, is the blogger behind Green Mountain Daily, an extension (if you will) of Daily Kos.

A snip here but go see the whole thing yourself:

Darren Allen vs. John Odum?

This argument is sooo 2005.

Darren Allen is a paid political reporter for an award-winning paper. John Odum is a private citizen who uses a particular software platform to do personal publishing.

Journalist vs. blogger? Or just human being vs. human being.

I mean, sure, it must be a little frustrating for hard-working professionals to see uncredentialed citizens slowly cutting into their audience and somewhat rarefied status. I get that, but, c’mon, it’s time to move on.

Just last night on Charlie Rose, before discussing how he enjoys the process of blogging, Brian Williams couldn’t help making what seems to be the contractual obligation to slam blogging (and YouTube) as somehow cutting into some cherished part of a disappearing American water cooler culture. His bosses made him do it, he said.

Had a similar feel to Darren Allen’s recent backhanded article on local blogging. One choice quote: "Yes, it’s a small audience, but it’s an influential one. As anyone who’s part of it will tell you."

Essentially, according to Allen, blogs are pretty much irrelevant, but his is the most popular one.
Now, I don’t know Darren Allen or Brian Williams. They may be very nice guys. But, I’m afraid that Messrs. Allen and Williams need to accept that the cat is now yowling way outside of the bag.

The media landscape has changed. And likely for the better.