Blaming Atheism For Most Mass Murders Is A Bit Simplistic

Happened to catch Dinesh D'Souza's latest column at the Christian Science Monitor in which he purports that atheism - rather than, he implies, the much-maligned Christianity with its huge number of deaths during the Crusades, and other religious brands - should be blamed for mass murders.

I find his reasoning pretty simplistic here. Historically, I don't know that you can fault a lack of faith, as with atheism, as being much more responsible for wide-spread death, as compared with the damage done by those who purport to work in the name of their god or his "savior".

It's my belief that religion - which separates a human from a direct relationship with his or her god and/or savior - contributes to the movements that have often led to large scale death and destruction.

But read his column and decide for yourself.