Bush Declares War on Vietnam

OK, OK, no, this isn't for real. At least, not yet.

This was the intro to Saturday Night Live last night (Bush is now portrayed by Bill Hader - I believe - who did a great job, rather than Will Forte who has been doing the Bush appearances the last year or two following Chris Parnell who wasn't very good at it and Will Farrell who seemed "too smart").

The funny thing about it was that when I heard the bit, I suddenly got a little nervous. I mean, the Bush Administration does so many things that are so damned extreme that I found myself worried something actually had gone on during King George's visit in the last few days (besides his assinine, "We'll succeed in Iraq unless we quit" and the Bushies displaying the WRONG flag for Vietnam).

I got nervous enough that I was compelled to get online and be sure Boy George really had not declared war there. Doesn't look like, anytway.

It's truly bad when you just can't put anything past your president except the delusion he will sound intelligent and diplomatic.