Michael Richards Is No Lenny Bruce (Though He Sounds A Little Like Mel Gibson When Drinking)

Stranger at Blah3 is correct: Michael Richards isn't Lenny Bruce (and no, rampant, angry use of the N word probably has nothing to do with the so-called Seinfeld Curse:

No doubt you've heard about or seen Michael Richards' meltdown on video, where he resorts to repeatedly calling a heckler a 'nigger' for daring to interrupt him. Stupid, stupid, stupid. (YouTube video is here, and it's painful to watch.)

I have serious doubts if anyone will come forward to defend this outburst - it is indefensible, and not the least bit funny, and you can hear in Richards' voice that he said what he said to be as hurtful as he could be - but if a hypothetical person came forward to defend Richards, I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if the name of Lenny Bruce was invoked.
I wonder if Mel Gibson has called him yet so he and Ted Haggard can drop by and talk about tolerance (and how to use drugs without getting caught). ::cough::