Family Of The Late Melinda Duckette Sue CNN Host And Uber Bitch, Nancy Grace

While no one can be said to be fully responsible for someone else's death by suicide, I suspect the family of Melinda Duckette - the young mother and blogger whose son, Calvin, disappeared and has still not been found - has a fairly decent case against CNN Headline News host, Nancy Grace.

Grace, a former prosecutor and now a high paid persecutor and bitch, went after Duckette using interrogation tactics that were obscene. While some have argued Duckette (who committed suicide soon after the interview) did not have to go on Grace's show, we've learned that Grace's show resorted to extremely high pressure tactics to get her to do so. At one point, they supposedly told the distraught woman that she would be responsible for her son's death if she did not go on air.

Even after the suicide, Grace kept the heat on Duckette, making her sound like she was very likely the killer of her young boy. Except now, police say it is extremely likely Melinda Duckette had NO involvement in his disappearance and possible death.

American jurisprudence is based upon the notion that you are innocent until proven guilty. But Grace has never seen a suspect she wasn't sure was guilty even if there was no evidence to support her views.

I don't care if CNN Headline News fires her, although I'd love it if they do. I do want her disbarred so she can never so much as claim she's a lawyer ever again. And then I'd like to see her undergo the same nastiness with which she subjected Melinda Duckette.

With Duckette alive, perhaps police would have more easily located her little boy, Calvin. With her death (aided by Grace), he may never be found. And for that, I most assuredly hold Grace accountable.