And I Would Like A Constitional Ban on McCain And Any Other Candidate Willing to Wipe The Rightwing's Ass With The Constitution

Wow. A constitutional ban on abortion. Another prescient piece of legislation written by, for, and of the people (meaning fat, affluent white men).

Just call ol' John McCain a pander bear [not that the far right will support his '08 presidential ambitions regardless how many uteruses (hmm... uteri?) he must climb atop to be seen].

From Majikthise:

John McCain now says he supports a constitutional amendment banning abortion.
    STEPHANOPOULOS: Let me ask one question about abortion. Then I want to turn to Iraq. You're for a constitutional amendment banning abortion, with some exceptions for life and rape and incest.

    MCCAIN: Rape, incest and the life of the mother. Yes. [ABC]
McCain used to say that Roe should be overturned and the issue of abortion "returned to the states"--which would be functionally equivalent to an abortion ban for most women. Now he says he favors a South Dakota-style abortion ban for the entire country.

John McCain is not principled and not moderate. He's a power-grubbing old man who sees his last chance to be president slipping away.
Now when do I and other women get to decide what men will do with their penises? Hmm?