"America's Mayor": Grand Transformation? No, Just Pandering To Those Stupid Enough to Buy His Schtick

Steve at The Carpetbagger Report offers some of the most intelligent - and brief - commentary on Rudy Giuliani's great ambition to become America's next right wingnut president based on a platform that is entirely fictional as well as atrocious for U.S. citizens. From today's TCR:

Speaking of the Republicans’ top-tier presidential candidates (see below), former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani is — get this — pitching himself as “in sync” with the views of the GOP’s base.
    In interviews, several of [Giuliani’s financial backers] said the former mayor had discussed his potential liabilities in a Republican primary — perhaps the greatest being his liberal views on social issues like abortion and gay rights.

    “Certainly one of the first questions that was asked was how his views on things like gun control and pro-choice and gay marriage would affect the views of the party in terms of nominating him,” Mr. Immergut said.

    “He talked specifically about what his views on those issues were, and he said that his own view was that when he was able to engage in conversations with party members who were more on the right, they could understand that his views were not as black and white as they had been painted.”

    Mr. Immergut added, “He said that for many important issues, his views would be right in sync with the huge majority of Republicans.”
To be sure, this isn’t entirely new. Giuliani campaigned a few months ago with Rick Santorum. Asked about the fact that Giuliani and Santorum appear to disagree on practically every social issue in the senator’s book, Giuliani said Santorum had “taken many positions. Most of them I agree with.”

No one, not even the most sycophantic far-right GOP true believer, is gullible enough to believe any of this.
I truly, truly hope Steve is correct in his statement about no one being stupid enough to believe Rudy.