UCLA Cop Who Tasered Student Has A History Of Violence On The Job

Why am I (sadly) not surprised? I also wonder how much the cop thought "His name sounds Arab" or "they're saying he's Iranian" may have factored in. From John at Crooks & Liars:

It appears that our happy go lucky UCLA taser man has a history.
    The UCLA police officer videotaped last week using a Taser gun on a student also shot a homeless man at a campus study hall room three years ago and was earlier recommended for dismissal in connection with an alleged assault on fraternity row, authorities said…. In May 1990, he was accused of using his nightstick to choke someone who was hanging out on a Saturday in front of a UCLA fraternity.
UCLA also has a policy that okays the use of tasers against passive demonstrators. Silence at Dkos has more.