Muslims Outraged About U.S. Airways' Decision To Block Imams

Hey, I'm not Muslim but I'm pretty angry about this completely arbitrary and rather discriminatory decision to keep Imams off U.S. Airways' planes.

I've been on flights where I had to sit through Christian proselytizing, Christian prayer during a very bad storm in which a big deal was made that everyone in the cabin had to join hands and pray to Christ, and a few other celebrated incidents where I paid my money to get on a plane and then got forced to actually participate in someone else's religious view of what should go on. I can't remember insisting that such Christians be kept off the flights.

Tough shit that passengers got nervous that men were praying. They were not disrupting anyone except those who chose to get upset by it.

When does this nonsense STOP? When did it become all right for that asshole Glenn Beck to ask a newly-elected Congressman from Minnesota to prove he wasn't a terrorist because he chose to convert to Islam?