Oh Boo Frickin Hoo That Poppy Bush Wells Up With Tears That People Don't Like His Son

Brian Williams on NBC News just now all but welled up with tears of his own as he told the American public that George H.W. Bush (Bush I) got very emotional when he appeared before a crowd in the Persian Gulf yesterday and heard that people thought Bush II was a bastard.

Well, boo frickin' hoo.

And Bush I is as much of a liar as his son when he replied that Dubya is "an honest man who works for peace." Even Poppy Bush in his most deluded, medicated moment can't believe either the honesty or the peacemaking claim.

And Bush I has some fucking nerve to tell people directly affected by his son's disastrous attempts to try to play global ruler with the lives of tens of thousands of people that they "have some nerve" to tell him, who has just told them how much his family means to him, that his son is imperfect.

Bush and Barbara ("Oh, don't bother my beautiful mind over the idea of all those young men coming back in body bags from Iraq") created this fucking monster they call, "Sonny Boy."

Yet, unfortunately for us all, we ALL have to deal with the Frankenstein they created. Too bad this clan couldn't just be banished from the planet.