Draft Grand Jury Indictment Against House Speaker (to Be) Nancy Pelosi?

It's quite long and involved. Read the draft indictment at Constant's Pations but here is a bit:

The danger of the House, in failing to review unconstitutional Presidential conduct, is the failure of the House to recognize similar unconstitutional conduct within its own chamber: The illegal assertion of non-delegated power; and a culture of intimidation to dissuade independent review of unlawful abuse of non-delegated, unconstitutional powers.

1. Illegal usurpation of powers expressly delegated to the House, not to any single legislative officer or individual;
2. Illegal presumption of authority and review power not expressly delegated to the Speaker of the House or judicial officers;
3. Illegal amendment to the Constitution without going through the Article V process;
4. Threats, promises, and inducements to other Members of the House to comply with her illegal interpretation of the Constitution;
5. Illegal prevention of the House of Representative to make decisions about the impeachment clauses in the Constitution;
6. Conduct in violation of 5 USC 3331, failing to preserve the Constitution;
7. Unlawful conspiracy to abrogate the US Constitution, dissuade enforcement of the document, and other alleged criminal conduct related to fraud and other implied threats to induce other Members of Congress not to comply with the Constitution; and
8. Incorporation by reference all relevant information contained in Draft Disbarment Investigation: John Conyers.