When We Go To War With The Troop Levels Rumsfeld Wanted Rather Than The Troop Levels Needed

As you likely now know, the U.S. conducted war games in 1999 (code name: Operation Desert Crossing) - hell, they do them all the time now - specifically to determine what troop level would be needed if we ever did need to go into Iraq.

Guess what! It was determined that a minimum of 400,000 troops would be needed in Iraq to occupy long enough for a changeover from the regime of Saddam Hussein.

In March 2003, Bush and Rumsfeld chose to enter Iraq with less than 25% of that number. Today, we have about 140,000, which is far more than were there for the first year or so as things (as in life, safety) devolved exponentially there.

Mistake? More like treason and war crimes, to me. Seriously, after awhile, the "oops, my bad" - and hell, they never admit that much - excuse gets a tad old.

With that said:

A vote for the current GOP on Tuesday is, to me, tantamount to a vote to go to war with Iran (Iran just finished conducting massive war games of its own to prepare for a U.S. invasion). And not even 400,000 troops would make a dent in Iran. In fact, we don't have a military large enough for a ground invasion of either Iran or North Korea.

In other words, vote GOP and you better be prepared to give your sons and daughters, grandchildren, mothers and fathers (Rummy takes them well past 50 these days for Iraq duty), friends and neighbors to the Bush Cycle of Never-Worn Wars.