They Say a Laugh Is Good For You

Yup, health experts say a good laugh is the best, because it:

  • lowers blood pressure
  • relieves tension
  • strengthens abdominal muscles

With this in mind, a Three-For-Two-For starring such popular favorites: The "Right" Pastor Ted Haggard ("I didn't swallow!) and "Mellow" Mel Gibson ("I swallowed too too much!).

First, Bill at Wrapped in the Flag sent this regarding Pastor Ted and his "massage" from a male prostitute (what? No methamphetamine?).

Next, Attaturk presents us with Pastor Ted of the gay sex/illegal drug scandal uuuhhh...errrrr...."counseling" Mel Gibson? Says Attaturk:

I just don't think it's right that Ted is pushing Mel down to his knees.

Definitely NOT a situation where two minds are better than one, unless that one is Bush who I suspect needs someone to wipe his ass.