While The Right Wing Produces Phony Troop Emails, Real Troops Sour On Bush "Surge"

The news at AmericaBlog comes as no surprise, despite all the phony troop email perpetrated by Cliff May and Company at right wing sites:

Gee, no one could have ever predicted that Bush would cherry pick the troops attending new Secretary of Defense Gates' "meetings" in Iraq, only choosing the "pro-surge" troops to attend. Well, it seems real US troops in Iraq are now speaking out, and they don't think Bush's surge idea is such a bright idea.

But then again, since when do Republicans give a damn about what our troops think. The Republicans sent our troops into a war based on a lie, with unsufficient supplies and troops, with no plan for victory, and now we're surprised they don't care if they kill even more American soldiers in a plan that's only mean to save Bush's ego? Please.
For more about the right wing fakes, see the piece about the National Review's "unnamed Marine" email here (but it's noted at many sites today).