Bush: Fight Al Qaeda By Getting 50% Off Fur-Lined Dog Poop At Needless-Markup Neiman-Marcus

Our president, George W. Bush, proves that even at this joyous holiday system, he continues to be a self-centered bit of runny dog poop. Posted at My Left Wing (and remember, we pay for the Secret Service to accompany the unelected leader shopping):

"I encourage you all to do your patriotic duty and get out there and mix it up," stated Bush, "there are some real bargains to be had, and you'll be supporting our troops in the war on terror by showing the terrorist killers that they can't stop our way of life."
By that definition, the Bush Twins are major patriots then, never letting the War on Drugs or the War on Terrorism get in the way of smoking, sniffing, and popping every drug and alcoholic beverage to be found on the planet!

Note the look on Bush's miserably smug face. Six U.S. soldiers and more than 100 Iraqis died in his war the same day he - the multimillionaire although he earned none of that money in any way but being born Bush - just had to go get himself some sale shit.