More on Gerald Ford And Another President's Total Disregard For Constitution And Will of The American People

The "Guest Post by Herb Block" (who reports he is still indeed dead) at Digby is well worth reading if, for no other reason, to put into some proper perspective the collective amnesia (a more polite term for the patent lies being told by the media) being displayed as news outlets remember the late president, Gerald R. Ford.

For example, for all the talk about how bravely Ford decided to put an end to America's nightmare which was Watergate, Nixon's complete pardon was NOT viewed favorably by the majority of Americans, much as the talking heads now tell you it was. Nor was the large amounts of money Ford ordered given to Nixon when Nixon already got the required payout and was not due additional funds.

I'm not saying we need to rehash Watergate and Ford's presidency again; after all, I think just about any ONE thing the Bush Administration has done makes Watergate seem like a silly high school prank. But I do think we need some perspective here.

We've had enough happy horseshit. We don't need more.