For Those Who Like to See A Grown Boy Cry, Watch Bush in January

From Stranger at Blah3 (and Hallelujah!):

I personally think the closer we get to January 4, the sense of dread in the White House is starting to loom large.
    President Bush is bracing for what could be an onslaught of investigations by the new Democratic-led Congress by hiring lawyers to fill key White House posts and preparing to play defense on countless document requests and possible subpoenas.

    Bush is moving quickly to fill vacancies within his stable of lawyers, though White House officials say there are no plans to drastically expand the legal staff to deal with a flood of oversight.


    Bush still must do what he can now -- before Democrats take over the majority in Congress next month -- to prepare, legal specialists say.

    "At a time like this, the experienced people in the White House view themselves as in a race they hope to win, of organizing and coordinating their defenses to have them in place in time to slow down or resist oversight before the oversight can get organized," said Charles Tiefer of the University of Baltimore Law School, a former House counsel and veteran of congressional investigations.
They know what's coming. Anyone who accused Clinton of obstructing justice ain't seen nothing like they're about to see.