Iraq: Every Loathsome Mistake Carefully Choreographed

I couldn't have put it better myself than Clammyc did over at My Left Wing today regarding the failed occupation of Iraq and how there just aren't any "do overs":

Let's face it - the proposed escalation is nothing more than an attempt for Bush to call "do-over" in Iraq. And just as the neocon architects of the failure in Iraq are looking to pass the buck on whose fault this horrific disaster is, we should remember one thing - this invasion and occupation was done EXACTLY the way that they wanted it to be done. Every step of the way. Every decision, every lie, every "operation", from "Mission Accomplished" to authorizing torture at Abu Ghraib to the use of white phosphorus in Fallujah.
We've seen this same careful yet devastating choreography with the Bush Administration's "help" for Hurricane Katrina victims (the darker the skin, the worse the "help"), as just one additional example.

Almost like sending a very strong and unmistakable message that the government is NOT there to help anyone but themselves.