Guess Who Said This Quote And Win A Truly Excellent Prize!

Yes sirree, boys and girls, guess the person who made this excellent statement and you win a free day pass at this blog! [Wait, you say: this blog doesn't charge? If so, how is this a real prize?Well, I didn't say it would be a prize you'd want. Did I?]<blockquote>

    “The duties of our day are different. But the values of our nation do not change. Let us reject the blinders of isolationism, just as we refuse the crown of empire. Let us not dominate others with our power — or betray them with our indifference. And let us have an American foreign policy that reflects American character. The modesty of true strength. The humility of real greatness. This is the strong heart of America. And this will be the spirit of my administration.”
The lazy and uninspired of you can find the answer one of two places: where Jon Ponder quoted it at Pensito Review OR by reading backwards below.

[hsuB .W egroeG ronrevoG, in 2000 during his presidential campaign.]