What A Nasty Toady: Newt Gingrich Tries To Sell Himself As Washington "Outsider"

You remember Newt Gingrich, long-time speaker of the house who:

* was responsible for the Contract on America

* promotes "family values" as he served one of his wives with divorce papers just as she came out of anesthesia from cancer surgery while having notable affairs with young female interns (funny he didn't get impeached)

* said women can't be in active combat because "they get infections"

* said last summer that we need to whip the Israel-Lebanon war into a full-blown World War III to "benefit" Republicans and "help us win elections!"

Well, now Toady the Newt wants to run for president on a platform of "Washington outsider" when he's anything but. He also wants everyone to forget - or never even learn - that he's been behind a lot of the Bush Administration's worst ideas and biggest failures.

Now here's one Newt I wouldn't mind dissecting in Anatomy & Physiology lab! And considering some of his horrendous, hurtful ideas, it appears that Newt has already been pithed.