Rudy Giuliani Finds One More Way To Exploit September 11th And The 9-11 Families For His Fun & Profit

Posted by Stranger at Blah 3 (and please excuse me while I go worship the porcelain goddess at this new low in exploitation of tragedy):

Looks like he's going to run as the '9/11 Candidate.'
    Supporters of former Mayor Rudy Giuliani have started discussions with relatives of 9/11 victims about backing him if he runs for president in 2008, some family members told The Post.

    The conversations have taken place in recent weeks, according to some victims' families, who described the talks as "casual."

    [...] It is unclear exactly what role the families would play.

    But some relatives who are anti-Giuliani are already planning "Swiftboat"-type attacks against the ex-mayor - modeled on the negative campaign against John Kerry in 2004 by his fellow Vietnam vets.

    It seems likely that 9/11 kin could help Giuliani counter that criticism.

    Some 9/11 family members have been deeply critical of Giuliani, blaming him for communications failures the day of the attacks. Others have faulted his administration for allegedly not doing enough to protect rescue and recovery workers from polluted air at Ground Zero.

    For the most part, those family members who have spoken with Giuliani supporters are family members who have maintained a relationship with Giuliani in the years since the attacks and were already fans of his. A Giuliani spokeswoman declined comment.
Not for nothing, but even by the cynical, exploitative standards of the modern GOP, this is pretty hard-core.

Any bets on whether he'll announce his candidacy at Ground Zero? I wouldn't put it past him.
You don't have to consult any of Rudy's ex-wives (each of whom he fooled around on publicly before asking for a divorce) to know there is nothing you can or should put past "America's mayor."