Conflicting Messages: Saddam's Execution "Not So Certain" OR "He'll Hang Within 48 Hours"?

OK, I'm confused.

On Wednesday, an Iraq appeals court upheld former Iraqi "president" Saddam Hussein's conviction and death sentence with a statement that, according to Iraqi law, he would be hung until death within 30 days.

For most of Thursday, however, the message seemed to shift into ambiguity, putting into question whether his execution may be delayed indefinitely. Yet, just now, Raw Story has a post up stating that Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush's bestest friend and Donald Rumsfeld's former handshaking comrade in arms (literally!), Saddam Hussein (whom we ridiculed as "Sodamned Insane" during Gulf War I), will be put to death not next month or next year, but in the next 48 hours. This report is from a senior (yet anonymous) military officer (from the Bushies, of course).