Thursday's John Edwards in 2008 Announcement

I purposely didn't post about John Edwards' announcement on Thursday that he would indeed run for the Democratic nomination for president in 2008 because I had not yet caught the video. Now that I have, I think the very best thing I can do is point you to Bob Geiger's moving and powerful post, "Why John Edwards Changes Everything."

Here's a wee bit:

"...after six years of Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, death in Iraq and the growing sense among Americans that life was much better -- and safer -- when we were liked and respected in the world, Edwards has a central theme that may resonate with millions of voters.

"The biggest responsibility of the next President of the United States is to reestablish America's leadership role in the world," said Edwards in his announcement this morning.

America is starving for genuine leadership and Edwards delivered an honest, inspiring message this morning -- let's see how his future opponents for the Democratic nomination respond.